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While some shelters have adequate staffing, funding, and space for rescue animals, most struggle to operate at their full potential. offers free project-based consulting to help shelters solve business challenges.  We recognize that small changes and improvements can make lasting positive impacts.     

Operational Improvements

Targeted assessments to identify operational pain points and remediation recommendations. 


Example Project Areas:

  • Business process improvement

  • Funding/grant management

  • Public relations/community outreach

  • Volunteer management

  • Foster program creation/management

Technology Improvements

Technology and system support through all shelter/rescue operations.

Example Project Areas:

  • Website creation/improvement

  • Social media presence

  • Dog search site (e.g., Petfinder setup/integration)

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) system setup (e.g.,

  • Financial system selection/implementation (e.g., Microsoft Dynamics for Non-Profits)

Procurement / Spend Analysis 

Procurement spend analysis focused on top spend categories to identify potential cost savings based on best practices

Example Project Areas:

  • Top spend vendor analysis (e.g., food suppliers, vets)

  • Comparable vendor cost comparisons to identify potential savings

  • Vendor agreement analysis to identify potential cost levers (e.g., buy in bulk, non-profit discount application, pre-negotiated discount terms)

Reporting and Analytics

Review and enhancement of operational and financial reporting capabilities

Example Project Areas:

  • Microsoft Power BI / Dashboard creation

  • Data architecture and data warehouse review (review of how shelter data is created/used across the various systems to support better operational reporting)

  • System API review/creation (system interfaces to allow real-time data updates)

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